‘Pull My Finger Farting Santa’ – Holiday Gag Gift

‘Pull My Finger Farting Santa’ – Holiday Gag Gift

It’s Pull My Finger Farting Santa! The holidays will never be the same. No one can resist Santa when he sticks out his finger. So go ahead, we dare you pull it and watch this 7″ seated plush character shake and makes a farting sound with 7 hilarious random remarks: 1. Ho Ho (FAAAART!) 2. (FAAAART!) Come on, sit on my lap. 3. (FAAAART!) There’s a gift for ya! 4. (FAAAART!) Ahhhh the Holiday smells… 5. (FAAAART!) Up the chimney I gooooo! 6. (FAAAART!) That’s all your getting this Christmas! 7. (FAAAART!) Was that on your list? BATTERIES INCLUDED! (Pull My Finger Farting Santa! a.k.a Farting Santa Claus, Farting Santa Clause)FARTING SANTA CLAUS PRESS/PULL MY FINGER: Press my finger and hear me talk and fart and vibrate around..
BATTERIES INCLUDED: I come with batteries and the batteries can be replaced easily.
HEIGHT: 8 Inches Tall-6 Inches Wide
SAYINGS/FARTS: 7 Sayings and Farts when you press my finger-WHAT DO I SAY?- I usually FART FIRST and the say the following: 1. “Cmon sit on my lap”. 2. ” Theres a gift for ya”. 3. Ho ho ho -Faaart”. 4. Up the chimney I goooooooo..fart”. 5. ” That’s all your getting for Christmas”. 6. ” Was that on your list?”. 7. Ahhhh The Holiday Smells”.
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